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soal latihan adjective clause

soal latihan adjective clause

1) (a) An antecedent is a word.
(b) A pronoun refers to this word.

2) (a) The blue whale is considered the largest animal that has ever lived.
(b) It can grow to 100 feet and 150 tons.

3) (a) The plane was met by a crowd of 300.
(b) Some of them had been waiting for more than 4 hours.

4) (a) In this paper, I will describe the basic process.
(b) Raw cotton becomes cotton thread by this process.

5) (a) The researchers are doing case studies of people to determine the importance of

heredity in health and longevity.
(b) These people's families have a history of high blood pressure and heart disease.

6) (a) At the end of this month, scientists at the institute will conduct their AIDS research.
(b) The results of this research will be published within 6 months.

7) (a) According to many education officials, 'math phobia' (that is, a fear of

mathematics) is a widespread problem.
(b) A solution to this problem must and can be found.

8) (a) The art museum hopes to hire a new administrator.
(b) Under this person's direction it will be able to purchase significant pieces of art.

9) (a) The giant anteater licks up ants for its dinner.
(b) Its tongue is longer than 30 centimeters (12 inches).

10) (a) The anteater's tongue is sticky.
(b) It can go in and out of its mouth 160 times a minute.

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